Receive a grant of up to 3800€ in 2019

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is now offering a Solar Electricity Grant of up to 3800€ to assist homeowners with the installation of solar photo-voltaic panels and battery energy storage systems.

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The benefits of solar energy

Save on your electricity bills

According to the SEAI, homeowners save on average 200€ to 300€ per year on their electricity bills.

Improve your BER rating

Installing solar panels can have a positive impact on the Building Energy Rating (BER) of your home.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Generating your own solar electricity can help reduce your emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases.

The different SEAI solar grants

Solar Electricity Grant

Avail of a grant of up to 3800€ to transform your home into a renewable energy station!

Produce your own electricity, save on your electricity bills, improve the BER rating of your property and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Water Heating Grant

Avail of a grant of up to 1200€ for the installation of solar thermal panels.

Solar thermal panels can meet up to 60% of your hot water needs, helping you reduce your energy bills and your carbon emissions.

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An SEAI registered installer will carry out the design and installation of your solar energy system and will generally prepare and submit the grant application for you.