Receive a grant of up to 1200€ in 2019

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is now offering a Solar Water Heating Grant of up to 1200€ to assist homeowners with the installation of solar thermal systems.

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What is solar thermal energy?


Solar thermal energy is the energy produced in the form of heat when solar thermal panels (sometimes called “collectors”) use the heat of the sunlight they receive to heat your water, via a hot water storage system. As your home will be passively producing up to 60% of your overall hot water needs, you will buy less energy and/or fuel to heat your water. As a result, you will save money on your energy and/or fuel bills!

You will also help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your consumption of energy produced from fossil fuels such as coal, gas or oil. Finally, you could also improve the overall comfort of your home.

 What is a solar thermal system comprised of?


A solar thermal system is comprised of 2 main components, which combine to turn your home into a source of free hot water:

Solar thermal panels or “collectors”: transform sunlight into heat which is used to produce hot water. The two main types of collector are Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube (see SEAI Homeowner’s Guide To Solar Thermal for more details).

Hot water storage cylinder or “calorifier”: provides insulated storage for heat produced by the solar collectors. A dual coil cylinder is normally required for a solar hot water system. The dual coil cylinder contains two coils which act as heat exchangers for each heat source; one coil for the solar collector, the other for the alternate heat source.

An SEAI registered installer will be able to advise you as to what type of solar thermal system is best suited for your home, install the system for you and help you apply for the SEAI solar water heating grant.

Rebate amounts available

Solar water heating grant


You can receive 1200€ for the installation of a solar thermal system. 

The solar thermal installation must contribute a required amount of renewable energy per square metre of floor area in order to be eligible for the grant, therefore the size of the house will determine the number of solar thermal panels required. If you do not install enough collectors the grant may be declined.

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An SEAI registered installer will carry out the design and installation of your solar energy system and will generally prepare and submit the grant application for you.